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Friday, August 11, 2017

Electronics Weighbridges and Digital Weighing Scales -The After Sales

We all have heard the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ but how much do we follow it. We visit doctor when our body shakes hands with sickness but visit gym regularly despite our condition. Here visiting doctor is repairing and visiting gym is maintenance. While this applies to everything around us, we usually avoid regular maintenance and suffer when it comes to high repairing cost. Not just high cost but system shut down of longer period for repairing creates revenue loss, especially in industries. While industries have so many systems whose shut down can create a serious havoc, weighing systems are at the first place that can stop in and out of material.
Weighbridges and weighing scales form a major part of almost all the types of industries and their shutdown can ruin day to day working of the company. Hence instead of waiting for the weighing systems to stop our sales, one must prefer to go for regular maintenance. While maintenance includes taking care of so many different parts, the core objective plays role in servicing, calibration and maintaining accuracy and reliability. Though the weighbridge is a robust structure but it is a precision measuring instrument which needs to be operated with high accuracy.
One can start with simple cleaning of weighbridge structure. The dust, dirt and soil stuck around the structure must be removed and cleaned. During monsoon season accumulation of water can not only affect accuracy but long term submersion of electronic parts can cause damage as high as permanent. For this, accumulated water has to be regularly removed via a drainage system and motor. One should not forget a common problem faced in monsoon – lightning strikes and be sure to equip grounding features. The most critical component load cells are connected to junction box via cables which end up giving readings on indicator. Here all the connections play an important role as lose connection between any two components will affect the end result. As junction boxes are prone to moisture and corrosion, one must go with systems that eliminate them. Load cells need regular calibration as they tend to wear with prolonged use. Gone are the days when analogue load cells gave readings after considering average value, instead digital load cell is the latest trend that can show exact reading no matter on which corner of platform the vehicle stands. Even the most sturdy part i.e. platform can be affected due to overload which tends to bend or even break in some cases. To avoid this, we recommend use of stainless steel of reputed brand instead of rolling steel.

Even a well calibrated device has a known margin of error that can be considered. But you cannot predict when this margin of error will cross permissible limit. You must be thinking that a slight error will not make much difference on end of the day revenue but it will cost you potential loss of thousands over a course of time period.
All the above procedures cannot be looked after regularly if you do not have a dedicated service team and an expert in weighing systems. Instead of getting yourself involved into this hectic drama, we recommend you to handover all the responsibilities to parent company who are aware of what they have given to you. While most manufacturers do not manufacture the entire setup under their own wings and hence not all manufacturers are expert in giving services.
Weighbridges and weighing scales are a major investment and must be bought as one single set from the original manufacturers so that weighbridge owner does not have to make part payments for one single machine to ten different companies. When we talk about completely handing over the machine to experts, why worry about how many times the machine needs oiling. Weighbridge manufacturers provide Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) that includes repairing, replacing, servicing, inspecting, testing, calibrating and anything that the owner is in need of. These one- time- pay contracts have specific time period which the owner has liability to decide. Engineer of manufacturer will visit the site regularly on specific dates for the time period mutually decided and ensure your weighing system obeys you. In India, there are scanty number of companies that manufacture the entire setup under their own name.

One of the biggest name in this list is Sansui Electronics Pvt Ltd. Their expert service team ensures that you do not get stationary trucks and unhappy customers and add cherry on the top by giving you service even on Sundays in affordable AMC prices. This new stepping stone of the company surely reflects that they are customer centric and are growing strong to have a long run in this industry.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Weighbridge v/s Logistics

Have you ever wondered how a business grows ? One single product travels thousands of hands before reaching its final destination. With the word traveling comes logistics into picture. Essentially, the world can be viewed as one large supply chain. Everything that affects the world affects supply chain. An efficient supply chain is among the most underrated and misunderstood aspects of business management. Company’s supply chain can be quaint and local or multi-organizational and global. Supply chain management mainly deals in input, conversion and output. Here the correct calculation of inputs and outputs is nothing but the investment and profit of company. Investments in the form of raw material and profit in the form of end product. With increasing customer demand, industries work on bulk products due to which incoming and outgoing quantity of material increases. The transportation of bulk material accounts for a significant proportion of global product movement. Indian logistic infrastructure mainly includes road, rail, ship and plane used for bulk transport where transport by truck is one of the core contributors. Keeping record of these bulk material is very important which is done by weighbridges.
Weighbridges are at the heart of freight networks and form a critical point at industries. These are instruments consisting of steel structure of I-beams and electronics kit that measure weight of any vehicle on road or rail. The most common use of weighbridge is in industries where the weight of incoming and outgoing material affects the profitability of company. The type of weighbridge to be installed depends on usage and budget. For a smaller area, one can go with Pit type weighbridge which is installed inside a pit making the deck equal to ground surface level thus allowing free motion of vehicle regardless of direction. Apart from keeping records of material weight, other benefit of weighbridge is usage of large spaces available in factories. For this purpose, Pitless type weighbridge is preferred which lies above the ground level and hence need on/off ramps on each side. Both of the above truck scales can be of concrete or steel depending on requirement of end user. Standard size of Indian trucks limits easy transport of I-beam weighbridges. To overcome this problem Orthotropic U-beam weighbridge are replacing traditional I-beam type. U-beams promote high strength, easy transport, lesser cost unlike I-beams. These are traditional type permanently installed weighbridges which cannot be used if the site is changed. Overcoming this drawback we have Portable/ mobile weighbridges which includes only pitless type and can be reinstalled at multiple locations as they have lower frame work and can be placed on non-typical surfaces such as dirt. They serve major link in construction industries where site keeps changing. With technology decreasing in size each year, we have Pad type weighbridges which are extremely compact, light weight, conveyable, cost effective, avoids civil work, time consuming delivery and installation process. While transport of all the above weighbridges needs truck, Pad type weighbridges eliminates this need also. These can ensure that vehicle drivers are not involved in fraudulent process and overloading of vehicles as material can be weighed anywhere on the road. The second most important and widely used transport mode is railway where each unit has to be weighed on rail tracks itself. Rail-in-motion type weighbridges are installed on rail tracks to give output as weight of whatever that passes on rails.
The traditional type of weighbridges used analogue methods to give weight output but shifting to digital world, modern weighbridges work on digital loadcells that are installed below steel structure and consume calibrated strain gauges, digital indicator that is installed inside operator cabin operates on microcontroller, giving output of weight to digital display installed outside cabin. Indicators can be connected to computer and printer as per requirement. Intelligent indicators have data storage facility eliminating need of computer. The entire setup can be connected either by wires or by wi-fi system. While weighing systems outside India can be driver operated where human interference can be avoided and access can be via swipe card or key. Thus avoiding human errors and speeding up the system. Weighbridges are a major investment which makes supply chain more cost effective and collaborative. Weighbridges are expected to operate in the harshest of environments; hence a well structured finishing procedure is essential to provide optimum longevity. Though the weighbridge manufacturing industry is seeing a sudden growth since last two years, the first company to adopt digitalization in this sector is Sansui Electronics Pvt Ltd. Established in 1989, the company has expanded to 5 manufacturing facilities, 10 regional offices, 50+ marketing outlets, 500+ dealers inside and outside India. They not only serve customers with their standard designs but also provide servicing, AMC, stamping, shifting, expansion and custom made weighbridges as per customer’s requirement. With their new weighbridge category in U-beam, the company is booming towards digitization and perfection. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Types of Weigh Scales

Have you ever wondered why the never changing taste of maggi noodles is preferred more by people compared to other instant noodles in market? The secret behind the great taste of your favourite noodles lies in correct measurement of its ingredients. Something platable, spicy and right amount of fire for Indian taste buds in correct amount which created history. This is how important role weighing plays in today’s life. As accurate measurement plays an important role in every industry, instruments to measure weight has gone under a major revolution to become precise. Weighing scale has an history of being amongst humans since 1700s till today. Thanks to Richard Salter who thought of such device in 1770 which would ease out a major problem of measurements.

While a particular weight combination of Sodium, hydrogen and oxygen can result into perfect Sodium Hydroxide chemical, the same amount of sugar, tea and milk cannot result into perfect tea. As weighing differs from application to application, weighing instruments required to weigh different substances also differ unlike earlier days where same weighing method was used for all the products. Hence different types of weighing scales has been invented and used all over the world.  

Father of weighing scales invented spring scale called as Newton Meter which operated on Hooke’s law stating that the force needed to extend a spring is proportional to the distance a spring is extended from its still position. But gone are the days when these ancient scales were used, curse to the permanent extension of spring used in them giving inaccurate readings. However these included two different types, electronic and mechanical scales where the former one, also called as digital weighing scales, are widely used due to high accuracy and lest human interference. There are hardly any applications left for mechanical scales to be used due to their less accuracy and complex methods of use. Bench scales are those having wide applications ranging from post office to courier office and can even be used to measure smallest weight of jewellery if placed in a transparent closet to avoid temperature and air variation ultimately getting high precision result and thus referring them as analytical balance scale.

Not only human weight but also body fat, BMI, lean mass, muscle mass, water ratio etc can also be measured by digital bathroom scale available in medical clinics, fitness centres and in our smartphones too. And similar to humans, animals like elephants can also be weighed using floor scales. They are strong, rigid and are used in industries as they do not have maintenance. When it comes to counting enumber of objects, counting scales plays a major role. These can be found anywhere where counting is part of business. Now when it comes to measuring moderate weight, platform scale comes into picture. One can find these in every grocery shop and small scale industries. Large scale industries need to keep raw material and stock in handy in godowns and warehouses where forklift scales play a huge role. They are used not only to weigh multiple boxes together but also to move them from one place to another considering the large area of warehouses.

Cranes form a large part of industries where lifting of heavy objects is required. But to ensure that cranes are not overloaded, industries use crane scale which also records and indicates weight of objects. The most impressive character of crane scale is it can withstand in harsh environment without any alteration in its readings.

As per requirements of industries types of weighing scales are increasing day by day, however the basic remains the same as mentioned above. Weighing scale manufacturers provides all the facilities and accessories with the scale but to maintain the quality of scale remains with the user. Some of the good weighing practices are - understanding environmental conditions, timely calibration, servicing of scales and correct usage of scales. With many weighing scale manufacturer entering into industry, Sansui Electronics Pvt Ltd is one tough competition for them. Established in 1989, the company has expanded to 5 manufacturing facilities, 10 regional offices, 50+ marketing outlets, 500+ dealers inside and outside India. They not only serve customers with their standard designs but also provide servicing, AMC, stamping, shifting and custom made scales as per customer applications. With their new designs popping up every now and then, the company seems to be climbing steps towards high accuracy, modernized technology and winning hearts of customers.